"In your known environment, you know this to be true. If in my known environment information differs, then our truths may be different." Derren Brown, The System

Keeping optimum productivity and profitability is one of any business' ultimate aims. Many factors affect your ability to achieve this aim. A lot of these factors are dependent on information allowing understanding of the metrics of the business. Whilst some of this is produced as part of the day-to-day functioning, much is still intangible and less easy to gather. Principal in this are the intentions, attitudes and feelings of everyone that make up the "true" organisation culture and which can affect the performance of the organisation.

Keep abreast of these intangibles. Perception is reality and when you identify these intangibles you can turn them into positive action plans for business success.

Heartstone Limited's Surveys offer a solution to gather this important information, through targeted surveys. We offer a design, collection and analysis service. In addition we provide presentation material at multiple levels to suit your needs.

Our services are often used by organisations wishing to "take-the-mood" within their own workforce or client base. Examples Heartstone has conducted include:

  • Employee engagement,
  • Culture
  • Measuring the effects of change,
  • Market research for new services,
  • Customer satisfaction

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Using Heartstone and guaranteeing only aggregate data is passed back to the organisation; responders are empowered to be fully open with scores and commentaries.

Engaging your stakeholders and giving them a vehicle to voice their points of view, both positive and negative helps build mutual confidence and trust. Our service is designed to give that ability to be able to respond openly and honestly.

Surveys can be completed online or paper.

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