Forewarned is forearmed is an old adage that is still very relevant.

The accumulation and continual use of sound knowledge assists with the planning and integration of successful individuals and the building of high performing, collaborative teams within the organisation.

Heartstone Limited is the only New Zealand supplier offering leading psychometric assessments involving the three recognised parts of the mind; namely the affective (personality and EQ), cognitive (reasoning and IQ) and conative (instinctive striving and doing).

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Every individual has a current state of mind, born out of natural instincts, formed values, experiences and learning. Knowing this provides a key for:

  • recruiting well
  • developing high performance
  • overcoming stress, strain and tension
  • developing productive relationships
  • achieving high collaboration and communication, internally and externally
  • developing leaders
  • project and other team formation

We market and provide consulting services for:

Heartstone Limited offers a series of Learning and Development courses which extend the value of assessments. This training has been designed in a modular fashion so we can incorporate, protect and extend your pre-existing investment in assessments, regardless of the tools you have chosen.

Heartstone offers development, coaching and mentoring services to increase the value of assessments over the employee or team lifecycle.

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