Our consulting approach is based on adding to our clients' existing strengths to build capabilities and enduring solutions. This approach accepts that people are a major part of any solution, and harnessing their capacity and gaining their acceptance is essential to success.

In all assignments Heartstone is cognisant of the need to match actions with the vision and strategy of the organisation.

We apply the concepts of Appreciative Inquiry - that best outcomes are achieved by focus on strengths and what our clients do well, rather than trying to overcome deficiencies and plugging gaps.

Our assignments may be:

  • Focussed on:

Vision, strategy and action plans



The individual, team or organisation level

Job, people or process

  • Short or long term
  • Contracted or Time and Materials or Value Priced

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We work in collaboration with you, and where beneficial, other third parties to deliver you a superior result.

Our assignments have included:

  • Organisational development
  • Job Descriptions, Competencies and Key Results / KPI development, using Lominger Leadership Architect® toolset
  • Change project management
  • Team formation
  • Process design
  • Exit Interviews

We also provide consulting services of coaching and mentoring in our full range of assessments.

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