"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." - John Quincy Adams 6th US President (1825-29)

Leadership is a transfer of belief -- and great leaders inspire their teams to believe they can succeed. You are not just leading and managing people to perform tasks, but you are also leading their beliefs and will to succeed.

Heartstone Limited's Leadership learning is about equipping your present, or identified future, leaders to:

  • Understand their preferred leadership styles and their consequences
  • Understand the differences between leading and managing
  • Strengthen their own natural talents, as leaders, managers and people.

Leadership learning is modularized to be adaptive to your needs. Core modules include:

  • Introduction to Leadership
    • Leadership Models
    • What inspires people what doesn't
    • Leadership and Management definitions
      • "Leadership has to do with direction. Management has to do with the speed, coordination and logistics in going in that direction…."
  • Your Leadership Style, assessing benefits and drawbacks and the need to adapt
  • Understanding You and Your Team
    • Engaging individuals
    • Recognising and using strengths effectively
    • Influencing
  • Situational Leadership and Management

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In addition to the core modules, Heartstone clients may have specific needs based around their organisation and / or the participants. These can be incorporated as modules. Examples include:

Personal effectiveness and time management

Procedure, process and or mind mapping


  • Understanding Financial Statements and Balance Sheets
  • Budgeting
  • Reporting

Company Specific

  • Organisation Chart
  • Policies / Procedures

Heartstone will work with you to incorporate and source the best delivery mechanism / people to meet these needs.


Our Leadership learning extends from one-on-one personal coaching and mentoring to group workshops. Its flexibility is your advantage.

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