Conative Selling

"…Every one lives by selling something…." - Robert Louis Stevenson

Sales Training is a vital piece of training for any work place with sales targets. Heartstone Limited's sales training is about equipping your sales and sales management employees to use their natural talents. At the core of the training is the understanding of instinct and its place in selling.


Did you know that master sales professionals do not use memorized "closes" and tactics that are popularly taught? Neither do they follow the platitude of "assuming the sale". They pay little attention to the myths about selling. However, they have a conversion ratio of at least three times the normal.


Much of the "persuasion" tactics and unnatural, uncomfortable, techniques that are taught today are methods that will cause sales people to lose sales, not win them. Why, because they're unnatural and prospects can see through the strained presentation.


Our sales training doesn't make you unlearn your sense of what's right for you. It teaches you how to know when and how to apply your strengths and to maximize them. It also teaches you to evaluate your prospects and how to appeal to their natural instincts to create the classic win-win.


As a true sales leader, your work will now be clearly defined, enjoyable, and have real meaning. You'll have a core understanding of the fundamental nature of your selling drivers, which will drive your spirit and win the trust and respect of your clients and prospects.

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Training is designed to:

  • Provide salespersons and their management with a full conative understanding of themselves and their sales activities.
  • Provide salespersons with the ability to "read and identify" the initiating conative actions of significant others, e.g., prospects, key customers, and to modify their own actions to influence positive results.
  • Provide sales management, sales support and marketing and other staff to understand how their actions can affect the selling process

Our sales modules encompass a series of conative action profiles and coaching sessions covering

  • Salespersons
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Support
  • Marketers and other staff associated with sales

Heartstone will tailor all programmes to meet client needs.

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