Heartstone Limited

Heartstone Limited provides innovative services that enable individuals, teams and companies to achieve desired results with the highest return on effort, greatest personal freedoms of operation, and the strongest organizational viability.

Since our foundation in 2003 we have continually supplied value added personal and organisation development services to New Zealand and Australia.

Our key focuses are:

  • Seeking to increase the effectiveness of the organization in terms of all of its goals through the alignment of vision, strategy, people and action
  • That the best outcomes are achieved by focussing on enhancing strengths and what our clients do well
  • The development of individuals to their full potential as a means for leading company growth and returns
  • The acceptance of the differences between individuals, and harnessing the strengths of diversity

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Our services and toolsets are:

Our clients span all sectors, including:




Commercial Services


Local Government


Financial Services


Information Technology

Private Individuals

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Phone:09 521 7522

Address:P O Box 109-316 Newmarket Auckland 1149