Continuous Engagement

I've been associated with Heartstone Limited since 2005, firstly at a previous organisation and now at Paramount Services. They have continually provided great service and been prepared to introduce potential upgraded capability.

The Kolbe System and Heartstone play a key role in our recruiting. Kolbe is a particularly easy profile to read and to apply for better induction. A key benefit is that each combination of Action Modes brings its own description and that we can use Heartstone to incorporate this language into our job advertisements to attract new employees who match the conative profile leaving us free to concentrate on skills needs.

We have also had Heartstone assist in redrafting our franchise advertising to attract conatively qualified franchisees with a greater likelihood to succeed.

I personally appreciate The Kolbe System completeness, with reports covering the job role, the individual employee and a management perspective report.

We've also had Heartstone involved in team developments and in customer surveying.

Personally, I've employed their services outside of my role in Paramount and would do so again.

Paul Brown

Director and General Manager


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