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Affinity Employer Services have been a client of Heartstone since 2004. We use the Kolbe assessments for new employee screening along with their business training services for how to use Outlook to increase employee efficiency.

We have experienced a high level of reliability and continue to receive value from the Kolbe profiling and Outlook training. My personal Kolbe assessment was a revelation to me in 2004 and is relevant to the way I act today as my colleagues know what to expect and how to get the best of me. We use Kolbe assessments as an essential recruiting tool for all our candidate screening, it has never been inaccurate.

Better use of Outlook has increased our people productivity and organisation skills to enhance our customers experience. We have found Heartstone's mix of workshop and personal coaching to be very effective for each individual, regardless of their job role.

I have recommended Heartstone to a number of other organisations and I know that they were pleased I did.

Dennis Pivac

General Manager Business Development

Affinity Employer Services


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