We have an on-going relationship with Heartstone that we value. Aside from the products and services we use regularly, Heartstone have freely and forthrightly contributed opinions and knowledge that have challenged and helped consolidate our thinking on people and performance. That openness has been deservedly built through delivery of sound advice and valued service.

The understanding of an employee's instinctive behaviour has a place in any company, and Kolbe profiling has been an integral part of our planning since 2007. It is incorporated in our advertised recruiting and induction process as well as used for existing teams.

The work we have undertaken with Heartstone is to understand at any given point, where the conative capabilities and shortfalls stand, and to actively take conscious workforce planning decisions for maximising productivity.

In addition to Kolbe profiling and consulting, Heartstone assist with our frequent CultureCheck surveys that we use to measure employee engagement with our various HR initiatives and to provide input on future directions. Heartstone's Survey services include design, administration and formulation of results, including presentation material at the department level. Using frequent surveys provides the snapshot information on employee engagement that our board and management team find very valuable in assessing our corporate health.

I recommend Heartstone to any organisation.

Geoff Smith

Senior Manager, People / Culture & Communications


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